Position: Guest Speaker Committee Time Commitment: ~2 hrs / week Description Assist in scheduling guest speakers for ACSJ Wednesday Night Events Identify potential guest speakers to present on topics relevant to atheism, skepticism, secularism, and scienc... read more

Position: Event Roadie Time Commitment: ~2-3 hrs every other week Description Attend the Wednesday Night Meetup Events Assist in setting up and/or tearing down event audio/video equipment Audio Setup: Arrive two (2) hrs prior to event start Retrieve audio... read more

A few of the girls challenged me to prove evolution right in front of them. One because her mother insists it is evil. The other because she loves to display a healthy dose of skepticism every chance she gets now that I’ve praised her for her natural te... read more

What begins with “attitude” as they walk into the classroom – each trying to act cool by ignoring me just a little, trying to sit with others they know will chat off topic with them – very quickly turns into a frenzy of hands in the air. Being inv... read more

The voice behind the blackened window told me to have a seat with my box of 10 books. She’d be out from behind the locked doors in a few minutes to retrieve it. The only other person waiting on the hard metal mesh seats was a lady who struck up c... read more