It’s again time to respond to the NorCal seed sowers and a fallacious post that they made about atheists.

“As I looked back over our 15 minute conversation it was clear that God challenged them on their beliefs. 1) There really aren’t any atheists, because no one can prove God does not exist. 2) A big problem with atheism is that it doesn’t have a basis for moral decision making. 3) Communism, based on atheism, murdered over 100 million people. “ ~

1. This is a common fallacy and is in error for several reasons. Number one the burden of proof is not on the atheist to prove god doesn’t exist. You cannot prove a negative especially when you’re dealing with the supernatural. Atheism is simply the response “I don’t believe you.” to the theist’s claims that a god exists. The time to believe something is when sufficient evidence to support that belief is presented. You can turn this around on the theist by asking them if they believe in Zeus because nobody has disproved his existence.

2. Atheism makes no claims to morality. It is a position on one topic only: do you believe a god exists. It doesn’t try to cover the subject of evolution, abiogenesis, cosmology, or any other subject. Atheists have explained how religion has no claim on morality. The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values by Sam Harris covers this very well.

3. Communism is not founded on atheism. The problem with communism that led to its atrocities is that it is too much like religion and its dogmatism and that it’s opposition must be silenced. Most atheists promote Logic and reason. No nation has ever suffered because it’s people became more logical and rational.

So once again the theists misrepresent the atheist position and lie about what atheism is. Color me not surprised.

Jim W

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