Werner Haag will describe the recent BBI tour of schools in Uganda and an update on the status of the ACSJ Clinic at Kanyenze and the classroom at Kasese. With Hank Pellisier of BBI and his family, Werner visited about a dozen schools, assessing the progress of the students, the extent to which the schools embrace Humanism, whether or not the teachers used corporal punishment on the children, the quality of the health clinics, issues with water supply, and the success of the schools’ side businesses that BBI set up in attempts to make the schools self-sustaining. 

Each visit included a welcoming song and dance by the students in their African tradition. Werner gave guest lectures in science classes at two schools, and they delivered various forms of food aid, school supplies, and other goodies to each school we visited. 

The last two days were spent sight-seeing including viewing elephants, hippos, water buffalo, lions, antelope, warthogs, birds, etc. which will be included in some slides of these animals and the people in the local villages.

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