As a long time skeptic and atheist, it was only quite recently when Yau-Man got involved more formally with the Skeptic Movement that he learned that many skeptics are not atheists and many atheists subscribe to all sorts of pseudoscience nonsense and conspiracy theories. Yau-Man wants to engage his fellow atheist to explore why there isn’t more of an overlap. Why aren’t skeptics naturally also atheists and why do some atheists manage to hold on to many superstitious and non-reality based ideas when they have rejected religion?

Yau-Man Chan has a Bachelor of Science (physics) from MIT and a Masters in scientific instrumentation from UC Santa Barbara in 1977. He is most known for appearing in the reality television series Survivor: Fiji (2007) and Survivor: Micronesia (2008). In April 2008, Chan worked on a pilot for a skeptical reality show called The Skeptologists. The show was intended to be a reality TV series that would investigate the paranormal and fringe science from a skeptical scientific point of view.

This event is totally free, though we do accept donations.

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