Tonight let’s celebrate being together this season! Join to discuss various xmas related topics with your fellow freethinkers! We will also have an optional white elephant gift exchange, a candy jar guessing game, an ugly christmas sweater contest (with prize!) and a non-publicly-listed movie of an enjoyable nature.

New Members very welcome! Enjoy food and beverages sold by Harry’s Hofbrau! There are plenty of tables to eat and hang out at where we are, in the banquet room!

Discussion start times are meant to encourage you to participate in everything, but discussion tables will be active all evening.

• 6:15pm First things first, are you okay? Are you dreading this? Isn’t December a whole lot of THIS? Share, listen, connect with your fellow atheists about how much this time of the year can bum ya out. (Meet at the Blue table)

• 6:45pm War On Christmas? Is there… really? The so-called “War on Christmas” (or less sensationally, the Christmas controversy) a primarily American right-wing demagogic neologism referring to secular attempts to keep the December solstice holiday shopping season culturally inclusive. It sets the standard by which all other manufactroversies may be judged. It is famously fought every year by none other than Bill O’Reilly. (Meet at the Red table)

• 7:15pm Should atheists celebrate something else? Winter Solstice, Yule, Festival of Lights, Xmas, Saturnalia, Festivus,… nothing? (Meet at the Yellow table)

• 7:45pm Do you actually love Christmas in some ways? Those twinkling lights? Black Friday/Cyber Monday? That movie A Christmas Story that you’ve seen repeatedly due to that 24-hour Christmas Eve marathon on TBS? Lying to children (about Santa Claus)? (Meet at the Green table)

• 8:15pm White Elephant Gift Exchange! Bring a wrapped item priced between $10-$20, and play the swapping game where everyone wins… something. (Meet at the White table)

• 8:45pm Estimation Candy Jar Winner Announcement

• 8:50pm Ugly Sweater Winner Selection and Announcement! Winner will receive their very own ACSJ travel mug! (Everyone participating will get a consolation prize!)

No ugly Xmas sweater? No worries! All members wearing an ACSJ shirt will also get a free gift as a thank you for your community support and pride!

Limited Edition Black ACSJ shirts on sale for $10 at the welcome table.

We will be collecting donations on behalf of Kanyenze Primary School in Uganda. So far members have funded a humanist clinic for a year, but we hope to also increase teacher salaries to ensure these kids get the continued education they deserve.

This event is totally free, though we do accept donations ( ).

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