Today I saw two films at the Cinequest Film Festival. The first was “Apples From The Desert” set in present day Israel. It is a marvelous portrayal of a young woman, 19-years old, still living at home with her ultra-orthodox Jewish parents. Her aunt makes an early appearance that hints that the women in this family may be less bound to Jewish religious traditions than the father. The daughter decides to run away after learning that her father intends to “give” her to a middle-age widower with three children. I won’t say anymore to avoid spoilers but will hint that the women decide they’re tired of the patriarchy. For anyone who is secular or even just religiously liberal who wishes to gain a better understanding of the tensions between the previous and current generations in devoutly religious communities this is a must see.

There are two additional showings: Friday 3/6 at 7pm and Saturday 3/7 at 7:15pm.

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