Have you ever lost a friend or a loved one and cringed when a religious person said “Now they are in heaven”. Well, on June 25th, we will have a special presentation from Rebecca Hensler to discuss grieving in the secular world.

Following the death of her infant son, Rebecca Hensler discovered that most online grief support groups are dominated by religion and spiritualism. Alienated by talk of angels, heaven and signs, she conceived an alternative free of mythology and mysticism. In 2011, Rebecca founded Grief Beyond Belief, a secular support network for those grieving without belief in god or an afterlife.

Rebecca is a school counselor with a BA in political activism and a MS in counseling. She currently works at a public middle school in San Francisco, and runs Grief Beyond Belief from her home in El Cerrito.

Location is currently TBD, as Harry’s is completely booked on this night.

Supported By: Nuanced Media

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