Do you want to practice questioning beliefs?

Join your fellow atheists and engage in some role playing so you can take turns practicing the art of effectively and respectfully questioning theists’ (and atheists’)  beliefs. Since this is practice, role playing as someone with a belief you know well but don’t/no-longer believe may help keep things from getting too personal or heated. This is the time to make mistakes and learn from them with supportive folks who are interested in bettering this skill along with you.

Tips: Either find a partner, join a small discussion in progress or watch others as you find your level of comfort with engaging in this practice. Feel free to switch things up if you get frustrated. Switch partners, double team, or simply speak up if you find something that you want to explore.

Dr. Peter Boghossian’s book ‘A Manual for Creating Atheists’ may prove to be helpful reading. If you have a hard copy, do bring it to share with others.

Please watch some videos below to help prep yourself for this practice session:

Anthony Magnabosco – Questioning Beliefs Playlist

Matt Dillahunty – Atheist Debates Playlist

Do share other helpful links in the comments!

This practice session does not yet have a host. If you’d like to host this pre-event, please private message Lyn so she can make you event host. Do step up to suggest things to keep the practice session fun and supportive.

This Pre-Event takes place during set up for the speaker event:

Finding Grace Without God in a Secular Age – Katherine Ozment if you have the chance to assist in set up (e.g. hanging up the banner, setting up chairs or equipment, arranging reading material, etc.) please let Sean, Donnie, Jason or Lyn know. Your help is always appreciated and welcome in making our community great.

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