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Pt. Lobos is awesome. It’s down in Carmel, and low tide is the best time to go. This is more of a stroll than a hike, but we can walk a few miles all the way to bird island. I’ve scheduled for low tide.

Eat breakfast before or on the way, and pack a lunch. Pt. Lobos charges a parking fee (7-10$), and the spaces fill up quickly. Some people find parking out on the main road, but that is a long walk in. Do NOT go down into Whaler’s Cove. That is where scuba divers go so it’s always full or nearly. Stay to the left and park as soon as you can. There are small parking areas all the way down the main road, but they are far apart.
We’ll all meet at the first parking area when you first drive in. Likely no one will be able to park there, so walk back to it after parking where you can. I suggest car pools if people can.

Pt. Lobos:

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