Join both Atheist Community of San Jose ( ) and Humanist Community in Silicon Valley ( ) for a New Year’s potluck gathering occurring on the last Friday of December.

This is a great opportunity to relax, enjoy good food, and get to know each other.

We will have a kids activity corner, an open mic, and board/card games. You are welcome to bring your own games and toys to share with the group.

Please leave a comment on this event as to what you’ll be bringing to share. Yes, you can bring alcohol… to share. 😉 We will be updating the master list here:


• Costco Pizza (Cheese, Combo and Pepperoni) – ACSJ
• Vegan Lasagna – Rachel F
• Spaghetti Dish – Mark Thomas
• Wings – Sean W.


• Cheese Stuffed Dates – Noreen
• Baked Beans – Jared G.
• casserole – Larry G


• Chips – Brian B.
• Pretzels – Scot H
• Tortilla chips & salsa – Phúc Lê


• Cookies – Brian B.
• ? – Jean-Claude

• Cheesecake – Debbie


• Coffee and Tea – HCSV

Games/Entertainment Supplies

• Uno Cards – Lyn

• Coloring Books – Lyn

• A piano, two guitars, and a ukulele – HCSV

• Laptop w/ games – Phúc Lê


Humanist House is located just north of a narrow grove, and the Aviation Avenue street light. There is parking in the back of the (unmarked) brick building and along Aviation Avenue behind Humanist House’s petite parking lot. (Input “1276 Aviation Ave, San Jose, CA.” into your navigator to find street parking.) Look for the orange traffic cones marking the driveway. 

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