• What we’ll do
The Farmer’s Union Restaurant will be the starting location for this first MONTHLY pub crawl. If you want to arrive earlier for dinner please do; I will. We’ll plan on officially meeting at 7:00pm and crawling to the next location (TBD) around 8:00pm.

The plan is to start at the same location every month so everyone knows exactly when and where to meet. If we find a better starting point we’ll change the start location, but once we settle on a good location we’ll always start the crawl there. From the starting location we’ll then crawl to two new places each month which will be announced ahead of time, so keep your eye on the calendar. This will give everyone an opportunity to try new places each month. It might work out that we specify a few different start locations in different areas or cities and alternate between them to give us a wider range of pubs to visit after the initial start point.

As usual we welcome feedback and suggestions, particularly ideas for crawl destinations! We look forward to a huge turnout on our first monthly pub crawl on Jan. 11, 2018. See you there!

• What to bring
Bring your thirst for beer, wine, or other beverages.

• Important to know
Members and non-members are welcome, as well as those who fall in between or on either side. We are an extremely inclusive group! 😉

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