In his last talk, The Problem with Consciousness, Mitch described how scientists can succumb to their prejudices when science conflicts with their own preconceptions. Mitch will elaborate on that theme and discuss some specific instances of good scientists who might be deviating from good science. Are we then susceptible to the argument from authority fallacy? How do we know if we are truly using the scientific method in order to weed out bad science from these good scientists? We are all potential candidates for asserting poor science as knowledge if we don’t have the tools to properly vet the science presented.

Instead of a full lecture followed by Q&A, this will be a more interactive session in which we will look at, one at a time, the ideas of a few specific scientists and see if you, the ACSJ community, agree or disagree with these ideas.

Mitch Diamond is the author of Darwin’s Apple: The Evolutionary Biology of Religion, a self-published e-book that challenges the existing Theory of Religion dogmas. Since he was raised by atheists, he never had to reject religious oppression. Rather, he seeks to reject pervasive, unrealistic, non-scientific thinking on all sides of the sociopolitical spectrum.

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