My apologies for the late addition, but who is up for lunch?

I mentioned in an email that I wanted to start up these Friday lunches again with a small group of members – first come first served. Please make sure you can attend if you RSVP as the spot limit is 4 (not including myself).

If you miss this round, don’t worry, we will do this again. And if you have already attended a lunch event, please let other members have a shot at attending.

As for the agenda, I really want to get to know you! Our Wednesday nights can be a little crazy and busy, so this smaller group will give me a chance to talk to a lot of you. I also want to know your thoughts on the organization and get some ideas of what else you would like to see us accomplish and perhaps where you can help. 

As an icebreaker, let’s talk about your favorite TV show! Current or all-time.

I have a very flexible schedule on Fridays (usually) so I am open to changing the time or location if the group would like. Just start the conversation below!

See you soon!

Brian Broome
President, Atheist Community of San Jose

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