Santa Clara Central Park Library holds story times for 0-12mo ( )and 12-24mo ( babies on some Thursdays starting at 10:30am. This is geared towards babies and splits the young and the older babies in two separate rooms.

Afterward we can meet over at the toddler play area (if no rain) just west of the library close to Keily Blvd. and the pavilion. This area is great for Pre-K kids to play while we chat. Expecting parents are more than welcome to join in. I’ll be bringing sanbox toys.

There are also places to eat and shop across the street in case you still have energy. If it rains, we could chill at the library kids section longer too.

Check comments for updates.

Please leave a comment if you are planning to attend either the 0-12mo storytime or the 12-24mo storytime at the library at 10:30am. If you are, be sure to arrive early to find good parking in the library parking area or walk from the other lots. While they don’t allow anyone to enter the rooms early, everyone stays close to the doors to get a good sitting spot in the rooms. A fun note is the 12-24 mo storytime is led by one of our own ACSJ members, Erin!

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