Important: This year we are in the first half of the parade, instead of at the very end. This means we need to be ready to march by 11:00, although we may still need to wait past that time. The best way to find us is by our lineup #105.

This will be our second year joining the Atheist/Humanist Contingent in San Francisco. We have our big ACSJ banner and ready to support equality!

Jason will be our point person for this event and has our ACSJ banner!.

Again this year the local groups will form an Atheist/Humanist Contingent in the Pride Parade. Last year we had over 60 people, and it was lots of fun. There is something special about many people cheering as you march in the parade. Let’s make it larger this year. Remember that the arguments against LGBT rights are rooted in religion, just like the attacks on women’s rights. Let’s support our natural allies.

We will let everyone know where when Pride notifies us of the exact assembly location (near BART) and time.

We just received our assembly info for our Atheist/Humanist Contingent at SF Pride Parade. We need to be ready to march by 11:00 on the east side of Spear between Howard & Folsom. Please arrive by 10:30 so we will be ready. We are in the first half of the parade this time, instead of at the very end. The best way to find us is by our lineup #105.

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