Come out and bleed for those in need!

We are donating at the Stanford Blood Center of Mountain View again, located next to El Camino Hospital. The building will be on your left, opposite St. Francis High School playing fields.

To inform the Stanford Blood Center, when you RSVP to this event, you will be asked to provide your:

Email Address

Full Name

Donor Member ID number OR Birth Date

If you never donated with Stanford before or don’t have your Member ID number, then your birth date is what they will use to register your appointment, along with your name and email address. After Lyn sends your RSVP info over to Stanford Blood Center, they will email you your exact appointment time. Please do not reserve your own appointment via their website, as we have a block of reserved appointments to fill.

Please RSVP early to secure your appointment. The attendee limit for this Meetup event will reflect the amount of afternoon time slots left open, including our reserved slots. If you are interested in coming after the RSVPS close, leave a comment on this page and Lyn will update you via meetup if someone cancels last minute.

If for any reason you can’t completely provide the required information upon RSVPing, Lyn will send you a private message and we can sort it out. If you would be more comfortable emailing Stanford yourself, Lyn can provide contact information.

“Please remember to eat and drink plenty of fluids prior to donation, bring photo ID, a list of all medications you are currently taking, and a list of your travel history.” -SBC (if you have a Stanford Blood Center Donor card, please bring it.)

This is a good opportunity to wear your ACSJ shirt or hat. So look out for ACSJ wear when you arrive to the brunch location and/or the Blood Center. 

Kobi will be hosting the event in person to ensure everything flows well.

11:30am Brunch Location is New York Pizza at 1040 Grant Rd
Ste 310. Mountain View, CA 94040. Located in the Nob Hill Foods shopping center.
This is our repeat location.

Directions from Brunch Location to Blood Center:

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