How do you identify yourself and what does it mean?  As an atheist? A humanist? An agnostic? An agnostic atheist? Physicalist? Secular? Not Religious? None? Unaffiliated? Skeptic? A free thinker? Nothing in particular? It’s none of your business?

Do we have responsibilities associated with how we self-identify?  Do you think it’s important for others to know you are whatever your are, and why or why not?

Please remember to respect each others’ opinions and feelings, and always help to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Note: the discussion begins at 6:15 and will take place at tables in the back of the meeting room prior to the main event of the evening. If you are getting dinner or drinks at Harry’s to enjoy during the discussion, please allow enough time to make your purchases before 6:15.

(This is a Member Suggested Meetup; you can read our policy about MSM here. )

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