A few of you came to a show Ian did in July at Santa Cruz, but I realized that many of you could not make it, so here is a second chance! Ian is of course the atheist/skeptic comedian, but the show is coupled with Ty Barnett (runner up Last Comic Standing). They are doing a show called “Divided” which is showcasing their two different takes on comedy, life, religion, parenting, etc. Ian will be doing a lot of his normal, rationalist/skeptic/atheist viewed material, along with some other stuff. Come check it out!

It will be Thursday January 15th 8pm at Trianon Theatre in Downtown SJ! 

Ian Harris BIO: 

When a comedian is compared to Lenny Bruce, Bill Maher, and George Carlin, it means he has something that others don’t: a risky, cerebral style of comedy that slices as it skewers. Requiring an unwavering skepticism in the face of religion, the paranormal, astrology, and the apocalypse, Ian Harris’s paint-stripping wit ensures belly laughs while also ruining his chances of being invited to a church potluck. Fortunately for him, he has plenty of other places to be, including headlining comedy clubs, colleges and theatres around the world. A top headliner for over 20 years, Ian has been named #25 on Entertainment Journal’s Top 100 Comedians list and you have seen Ian on Jimmy Kimmel Live and his recent Hour TV special “Critical & Thinking” (currently on Hulu). Ian’s comedy is cutting edge, thought provoking and cleverly crafted; with a unique point of view, Ian delivers a style of stand-up all his own. 

Event Link http://www.laughstub.com/event.cfm?id=361314

(This is a Member Suggested Meetup; you can read our policy about MSM here.) 

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