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“Build” has been called a “show for geeks, friends and families of geeks, and those who wish to become geeks.” On its surface, “Build” does not look to be designed for laughs. But that’s where the casual observer would be wrong, according to creator Michael Golamco. “Build” is a “story about losing something and trying to re-create it,” Golamco explains. “It’s about trying to continue to be a creative person after having lost someone. It’s a story told through the eyes of geeks, but not stereotypical ones.” —Crystal Chow, SJ Merc reviewer.

Why you should see BUILD: 

1. Because video game designers should be the heroes of plays far more often.
2. Because this fresh new show is being presented in Northern California for the first time.
3. Because playwright Michael Golamco is also a writer for TV’s Grimm, and he knows his dialogue.
4. Because City Lights is experimenting with cool new technology to make the A.I. character come to life onstage.
5. Because the Tetris monologue is a thing of beauty.

Meet the current hotshots in video game design: Will is the sellout, a well-attired, Ferrari-driving office-hound; Kip is keeping it real, working from home in a bathrobe and three-day beard. Together, they’re working on the sequel to their virally popular video game — but Kip is more interested in the creative potential of his game engine, and in the female Artificial Intelligence that he has developed on the sly. (Never mind that this sexy and insightful AI looks just like Kip’s late wife.) This Northern California Premiere explores the conflicting perceptions of engineering as art, and engineering as business — and the overriding notion that love is the code that makes sense of it all.

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