Our former President Brian used to do these small lunch events to get to know members in a more personal setting. Lyn wishes to copy Brian, except will be doing brunch ;P

So the point of such an intimate get-together is for me to get to know you personally, you can in turn get to know me, and I can see what kind of ideas you have to make Atheist Community of San Jose better. Maybe you want events focused more on family? Maybe you want to volunteer your time, but don’t know how? Maybe you want to suggest events but are unsure how? This is your chance to discuss what you want from your community group with your community president.

There will be a limit on attendees so that we can meet in a small group, but don’t you worry, this event will come up again soon and those who missed out this time will get the chance to join in the future. You can also ask questions and make suggestions via contact@sanjoseatheists.org or talk to me (or other volunteer staff members) at other events.

As an icebreaker, let’s discuss your favorite movie genre and some examples of your favorite films.

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