Parent (or grandparent/caregiver) of a young baby, and want to meet other secularist parents with little ones?

This story (singing) time is designed for babies 0-12mo and happens every Friday. There are no restrictions on older children though, so feel free to bring the older sibling, or your one year old. I believe they just want to ensure that the babies don’t get trampled on or anything, so do mind your toddlers.

It gets pretty crowded, so try to get there a little early to get a good spot. There’s plenty of parking in the parking structure.

After story time there’s a stay & play with lots of toys and other babies. Typically though, babies and caregivers head out not too long after story time ends, and this gives us a chance to hang out more privately and get to know each other. I’ve hung out here after 1pm, and the librarians are super friendly about it.

Link here for more info: Since this is just an atheist hangout at a non atheist event, be sure to respect other parents who may share different views on religion.

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