Are we Atheists rare or numerous in the U.S.? What are the characteristics of Out Atheists? More broadly, nonbelievers are what proportion of the U.S. adult population? Are the trends positive or discouraging, and what can we do to rapidly increase Atheist numbers and power? The best source of reliable current data and insights on nonbelievers and believers in the U.S. is the surveys designed and carried out by the Pew Research Center. For decades, this unbiased research group has conducted large in-depth surveys to get at respondents’ actual religious or nonreligious beliefs, practices, and affiliations. We will use Pew Research results to assess not only what recent trends have been, but also where we stand today as a nation.

Dr. Judith Banister is a local Ph.D.-level demographer (population specialist) and statistician. Raised Protestant, Judy became a strong Atheist at age 18 when she took an eye-opening college course on the History of Religions. Judy will report and analyze the Pew Research Center’s surveys and resulting reports from the most recent decade. Then we will explore together what this really means for us Atheists and how this knowledge can help guide us going forward.

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