The ACSJ Community Forum is our new format for 2018 to empower community members voices and have important discussions within our community. Last month we had our very first run of these and we received amazing feedback! The topic of the night: Critical Thinking: Circumventing our biases and avoiding fallacies. Atheists often fancy themselves as critical thinkers and skeptics, but what does that really entail? How do we make sure we are checking our biases and avoiding the logical fallacies that can creep into how we think? We’ll explore this issue with not only through discussion but by applying our critical thinking skills through some fun exercises that will test these our skepticism.

There will be many segments throughout the night and a lot of great discussions to be had. Please read below for the schedule.

Start at 7:15pm
15min – Introduction, Calendar, and call for action.
15min – Member announcements and Member Topics.
20min – In The News!
40min – Topic of the Night.
20min – Open Discussion and Wrap up.

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