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Can you spot fake news when it pops up in your Twitter feed? Are you sure? Can you spot a reputable source of information? Are you getting your news from biased sources? Even scientists and skeptics can have trouble separating landmark discoveries from hyperbolic writing or dry satire when they see it in popular media. Let Yvette d’Entremont (aka SciBabe) be your guide to spotting the hallmarks of reputable sources, biased reporting, and of course, fake news with a delivery that will keep you giggling. As a science journalist with a background in analytical chemistry and forensic science, she will help you seek out media sources that play to reality, not to your biases.

Yvette d’Entremont was working as an analytical chemist when she launched SciBabe as a side project. What started as a hobby for passion and fun turned into a full-time job after a few viral successes. With an academic background in forensics and toxicology, a sharp BS detector, and a big dose of humor, she’s taken her brand of science communication to make science more relatable and accessible in a social media landscape of misinformation. Her first book, SciBabe’s Ten Rules To BS Detection, will be out in 2017.

Please Join us for a fantastic evening as The Atheist Community of San Jose presents: SciBabe’s Guide to Surviving Fake News.

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