Position: Website Administration and Support Time Commitment: ~2 hrs every week Description Assist in developing and maintaining ACSJ website Instantiate, update, and delete content as requested by the board Implement & maintain website capabilities b... read more

Position: Guest Speaker Committee Time Commitment: ~2 hrs / week Description Assist in scheduling guest speakers for ACSJ Wednesday Night Events Identify potential guest speakers to present on topics relevant to atheism, skepticism, secularism, and scienc... read more

Position: Event Roadie Time Commitment: ~2-3 hrs every other week Description Attend the Wednesday Night Meetup Events Assist in setting up and/or tearing down event audio/video equipment Audio Setup: Arrive two (2) hrs prior to event start Retrieve audio... read more

Prologue In this second year, the Atheist Community of San Jose has once again seen tremendous growth. Thanks to your continued support of the organization, we have reached a level we knew we could achieve, and we are confident of continued success in 201... read more