One of the key topics on the Bill Nye v. Ken Ham debate last week was the Theory of Evolution makes testable predictions that verify it’s accuracy. Ken Ham was desperate to protect his “Creationist Model” so he also says that Creationism makes testable claims.

Here is his graphic from the debate.

Let’s quickly look at these “predictions”.

“evidence confirming an intelligence produced life”

Needless to say, there is no such evidence or Ken and his followers would have pocketed a Nobel Prize.

“evidence confirming after their ‘kind”

This is evolution more or less. It’s not really a prediction.

“evidence confirming a global flood”

No such evidence exists. If it does, it would be worthy of another Nobel Prize.

“evidence confirming one race”

This is not a prediction, but a post-diction. For centuries, the church has counted other races as non-human. The church actually claimed that those with the “curse of Ham” were another race. The church actually debated if Native Americans were human or talking animals.

“evidence confirming the tower of Babel” 

I will discuss this below.

“evidence confirming a young universe”

If you consider 13.8 billion years as young, then sure there are loads of evidence to support that, but to Ham, a young universe would only be 6k years old. Needless to say this is a failed prediction.


It was not shocking that Ham also left out an large number of testable claims the Bible makes that FAIL every time. Let’s review just a few.

  1. In Genesis 30:37-43, we read that Jacob took branches of several trees, cut stripes into them, and placed them in front of watering troughs for sheep. The sheep that mated in front of his branches were spotted, streaked, or speckled. We can easily test this. It fails. Why? We know that DNA is what dictates the color of sheep, not the the branches of trees they mate near.
  2. According to Genesis 11, before the Tower of Babel, everyone spoke the same language. The story is set somewhere in 2500-2000 BCE. This claim is testable and it fails when put to the test. Sumerian, Egyptian, Akkadian, Eblaite, and other languages predate the tower of Babel.To make things worse, it also predicts that if man was to go too high in the sky, God would be very angry. Why doesn’t he care when we build tall buildings? Fly? Go to the Moon?
  3. In Exodus 21, the Israelites come in contact with venomous snakes. When envenomated, they were that looking at a brass serpent on a pole will cure them. This is a testable claim! But I think we can clearly say that this won’t work. If anyone cares to disagree and test it, it’s your ass and your responsibility.
  4. In 1 Kings, when Solomon was anointed king the people sang and shouted so loudly that it caused an earthquake! Really now? Why don’t we see earthquakes at concerts or sporting events? Testable claim fails.

These are just a few of hundreds of claims the bible makes about nature that fail without exception. When a theory fails a test, it is modified or tossed out. But since the bible is claimed to be perfect in every way, why don’t creationists toss it out when its testable claims fail? Hmm. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.


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Jim W

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