I took a few hours to watch the new Christian movie God’s Not Dead staring a number of C-list actors. It is a typical Christian movie in that it appears to have been written by the mutual masturbation society.

The plot was predictable, the characters shallow cookie cutter stereotypes, and the only real question was trying to figure out how the cast of characters related to each other.

Kevin Sorbo of past Hercules fame plays a rabid atheist professor Radisson with serious moral issues. He stalks a student, and clearly a fan of academic misconduct. His wife in the movie is a Christian who he dated while she was in his class. He calls her a “work in progress”, as it relates to her religion. Radisson is portrayed as a well educated atheist, but surprisingly he appears as a noob when dealing with even the most basic apologetic arguments.

The “hero” Josh is played by Shane Harper. When he refuses to sign a paper that states “God is dead”, a statement made by Frederick Nietzsche, he is forced to defend his position against Radisson in a debate with the class being the final judge.

The movie misrepresents what Nietzsche meant with the claim that “God is dead”, by claiming that he was referring to a creator god never have existed. This is not what Nietzsche meant by any stretch of the imagination.

But this is not the worst of the movie. This movie gave the writers the perfect chance to present their best arguments and evidence that the Christian god exists. Instead we get the same tired and previously refuted arguments and no evidence at all.

The movie will not likely be embraced by young earth creationists as it does promote current cosmological ideas to a degree such as an old universe as well as some of evolution.

The non-Christian characters are most presented as tormented, shallow, self-serving, and pathetic. A Muslim father is oppressive, physically abusive, and cruel. The Christian characters are of course presented as being selfless, caring, and having all the answers.

As the movie progresses, Josh makes the predictable and tired accusation at Radisson that something must have happened to him to make him hate god so much. Of course, it turns out that he is angry at god because his mother died when he was young and begged god to save her. It has nothing to do with the lack of evidence, Radisson is just being that stubborn and angry atheist, right? Clearly this is absolutely bogus as atheists are not angry at god any more than they are angry at Darth Vader.

In the end, Radisson’s wife leaves him, Radisson gets hit by a car that runs a red light in an instant rain storm, abandons all of his integrity and has a “roadside conversion” by a pastor who is there by chance, and dies. He gets to go to heaven now, hooray!

If god actually existed he would want to be dead for having such a pathetic excuse for a movie to be making a case for his existence, which was no case at all. If you are looking for a good debate, you will have better luck listening to philosophers battle it out on YouTube. This movie is vapid and vacuous Christian propaganda tripe written by someone who has never spoken to an atheist and has an agenda to misrepresent atheists as much as possible.

Jim W

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