Zoe contacted the ACSJ last month to alert us of a local landlord who was discriminating against applicants who were non-religious. She has agreed to inform our members about rights and local housing laws in order to protect ourselves from this kind of discrimination in the future.

During her presentation, Zoe will cover an overview of all the protected categories under the fair housing laws, with an emphasis on particular protected categories that are most pertinent to the ACSJ. Zoe will also spend time talking about the local case that prompted her reaching out to the ACSJ. In addition to going over the groups that are protected under the fair housing laws, she will discuss how Project Sentinel investigates claims of housing discrimination, and what types of enforcement they help individuals seek.

This is a great opportunity to understand your rights.

This is a free event. We hope to see you there!

Zoe Brown is a Senior Fair Housing Coordinator at Project Sentinel (PS), and oversees all City of San Jose fair housing complaints.  She has been a member of the Fair Housing Department of PS for almost two and a half years, and during that time has handled approximately 150 full-fledged fair housing complaints many of which were successfully settled, or conciliated through the HUD or DFEH administrative process.  In addition she has led numerous fair housing workshops for the staff of social service provider organizations and their clients, and “Know Your Rights” presentations for members of the community.  Ms. Brown is a member of the California bar, and has previously worked as an attorney representing domestic violence survivors, as well working as a human rights policy advocate with a particular focus on international development-related forced evictions and the human right to shelter.

To learn more about the organization: www.housing.org

Also tonight, we will hear from our own Stephanie Hughes about “Downtown Streets Team,” a local nonprofit that gives the homeless a “hand-up.” She will introduce an undergarment giveaway initiative that we will be taking monetary donations for. So please bring cash & checks.

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