What is Wicca? How does one practice witchcraft? Who can be a Wiccan, what is the appeal, and what do Wiccans believe in? Tonight, you will learn the answer to these questions from the point of view of an ex-pagan, Amy Baldwin. She will take you on a journey through the very much misunderstood and mysterious world of witchcraft.

Amy Baldwin was a practicing pagan on and off for 25 years or so, while simultaneously being an enthusiastic Humanist Unitarian Universalist. She was a founding member of South Bay Circles (founded 1987 and still extant), a group of Wiccan covens who produces rituals for the South Bay pagan community. She has twice given workshops at Pantheacon, the largest annual gathering of pagans in North America and possibly the world. Amy is still a Humanist, now an atheist, and member of our community.

(Wiccan Wheel of the Year image courtesy of Crystal Cloud Graphics)

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