The goal of this annual cleanup event is to remove as much trash, debris, and recyclables as possible out of our San Jose water ways.  This year we will be working with Save The Bay, as we did last spring to once again clean up Watson Park.

This is a family friendly event!

Volunteers are encouraged to dress in layers, wear long pants, sturdy closed toe shoes, a wide brim hat, and sunscreen.  It’s also recommended that you bring your own filled reusable water bottle, gloves, bucket for trash, and garbage grabber if you have them, though supplies, water and snacks will be provided. 

As ACSJ members, we hope you take this opportunity to sport your ACSJ shirts and hats! Remember that limited edition black t-shirts are also available at our main Wednesday meetings while supplies last. (Large and XL sizes have been restocked!)

Participants must follow all safety directions and use tools appropriately. Your Save The Bay leader is certified in wilderness first aid and CPR.  All sites have been scouted to insure there are no hazards or unsafe conditions.  Save The Bay leaders carry a first aid kit and cell phone in case of emergency.  

~Thank you for volunteering with ACSJ. Our philanthropic efforts are meant to demonstrate that atheists care about our community.  All volunteers are ACSJ representatives so it is essential to show respect and consideration for others, including those who may hold beliefs different than your own. 

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