Did you know that without stem cells you would not be able to absorb any food, you wouldn’t have any skin and there would be no blood coursing through your veins? Stem cells have captured the imagination of scientists and the public alike, they are raising hope in patient communities; they are causing controversies. But in order to think about whether stem cells offer realistic hope or are all hype, you need to understand what they really are, where they are found. 

Uta Grieshammer, PhD, a scientist with the State’s Stem Cell Agency, will explore these questions and stand ready to discuss the progress, the promise and the problems of stem cells research. http://www.cirm.ca.gov/

This is the second part of her talk, as we broke it up into manageable pieces. We should have a good amount of time for Q&A so please bring your questions for Uta! She is part of a group doing some amazing things in stem cell research.

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