How can one be an atheist and a chaplain? 90% of the time Wes Fornes is with patients and their families when death is knocking at the door, where he will call upon the divine in prayer. And then what does he say when the family asks, “Will I see Aunt Betsy in Heaven?” 

In this talk, Wes will highlight the metaphysics of the Atheist Hospice Chaplain who stands alongside the most fervent of religious during times of trauma. When talk of heaven, a spirit world, and a rosary are at the core of someone’s reality, how does an atheist chaplain bridge the gap?

Wes Fornes has a B.A. in Biblical Studies and Philosophy from Dallas Baptist University, a Masters of Philosophical Theology from Criswell College and a Masters of Philosophy from [Green College] Oxford University. In the span of twelve years, he pastored in three evangelical churches, two of which were mega churches. Of the three churches, the first was a Southern Baptist church in Dallas Tx, the second a young and hip Baptist church in Chesapeake VA, and the 3rd was a Pentecostal church in Charlottesville VA. His deconversion took place in 2010, but he remained a closet Atheist for one year while in the church.

Wes’ current position is Psychosocial Director at a hospice company covering Gilroy to Pacifica. He leads the team of chaplains and social workers whose goal it is to provide spiritual and emotional support to the dying and their families. 

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