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Does the God of Christian Theism Exist?

The question of the existence of the Christian God has fascinated philosophers and theologians for several thousands of years. Unfortunately, these debates often generate more heat than light. Join us for a civil, informed debate between Justin Schieber and Ignacio Reyes on the arguments and evidence for and against Christian Theism.

Justin Schieber is co-host of the Reasonable Doubts Radio Show and Podcast and currently serves on the advisory board of the Grand Rapids, Michigan chapter of Center For Inquiry. Justin enjoys promoting a friendly, yet firm skepticism toward religious claims. He has lectured on the philosophical arguments for and against the existence of God and has participated in many public debates on the existence of God in the United States and Canada.

Ignacio Reyes is a Christian apologist and pro-life activist while working full-time in the medical field to support his wife and son. He is currently a senior in the philosophy department at Biola University and is an active member at Trinity Reformed Baptist Church. He has served as president of Live Action San Jose, a pro-life organization, and has taught theology and apologetics at Comunidad Cristiana de San Jose for over seven years. He has debated the president of Atheist of Silicon Valley over the question, “Does God Exist?,” Ana Benderas over the question, “Is The Death Penalty Biblical?,” and many informal debates over abortion.

The event is hosted by the Atheist Community of San Jose on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 at Harry’s Hofbrau in San Jose, CA. Debate will begin at 7:00 PM but you are welcome to arrive early for dinner and drinks (not provided but available at the restaurant).

Admission is $5.00 per person at the door.

Non-Members can RSVP at the Eventbrite page. Tickets are “free” to avoid surcharge, but you will still need to bring $5.00 admission on the day of the event.

This event will be limited to 80 members for the ACSJ, and the rest of the seats will be held for non-members. 

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