Tonight we will be discussing why the Kalam cosmological argument is unconvincing at best and misleading at worst. It has been used for centuries by religious apologists and is vaguely present in the “where did it all come from?” question that crosses most people’s minds at one point or another. Whilst it may seem instinctively obvious that a universe with a beginning must be a universe with a supernatural cause, some philosophical reflection can reveal that this is not necessarily the case.

But what of that question? Where did everything come from? Does science have anything to say on the matter? Can there exist an effect without a cause?

Alex J. O’Connor (aka The Cosmic Skeptic) will lead tonight’s presentation and conversation. You may have seen him before on his very popular YouTube Channel or come across his blog. Alex is visiting the USA for the first time and has agreed to add the ACSJ to his schedule! We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to meet Alex and have a night of philosophical discussion.

More information about Alex J. O’Connor can be found here:

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