The past few decades have shown incredible progress in technology.  Advancements in computer speed and storage have enabled impressive advancements like Google Search, voice recognition, facial recognition, self-driving cars, and competitive machine players for games like Chess and Go.  Today we own electronics that have certain features we appropriately call “intelligent”, yet we do not have (or is it not yet?) have artificial intelligence.  Discussion of A.I. includes both good science and a lot of woo.  This talk will explore what’s likely, unlikely, possible, and science fiction.  Additionally, the talk will speculate about how religious dogma and interpretation might evolve to encompass a world which has artificial intelligence.

Kyle Polich is a data scientist and host of the Data Skeptic podcast.  Kyle studied computer science and focused on artificial intelligence in grad school. His general interests range from obvious areas like statistics, machine learning, data viz, and optimization to data provenance, data governance, econometrics, and metrology.  He resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife LinhDa (pronounced “Linda”), and their lilac crowned amazon parrot Yoshi.

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