Assembly now starts at 10:30am.

SASV’s speaker for February is the fascinating JERRY DeWITT 

Jerry DeWitt was a well liked Pentecostal minister in the Deep South…until 2011, when he let go of his strongly held beliefs…but not his belief in the power of community.  He will share his insights about creating a strong community without religion. We might see some of his traditional fire-and-brimstone speaking style while he gives us some good, rational suggestions on community-building.

Jerry is an American author and public speaker. He is the former executive director of Recovering From Religion, a group which helps people find their way after a loss of faith.  Jerry founded the Community Mission Chapel, which he calls an “atheist church”. In a story for the New York Times, DeWitt said, “Just because we value critical thinking and the scientific method, that doesn’t mean we suddenly become disembodied and we can no longer benefit from our emotional lives.” 


As per usual, the Sunday Assembly Lovely Hearts Club band will be leading the SASV in some rousing sing-alongs. 


Children’s activities will be provided for the younger members of the congregation. There will be yummy tea and cookies, and time to chat. 

SASV members also share lunch at the San Pedro Square Market after the Assembly. Meet members inside by B2 Coffee or on the back patio if weather permits. 

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Parking Information: Disabled parking on-site. For all others: parking is at the SJSU garage, entrance on San Fernando at 10th St. (cost is $5), or for free in the neighborhood (most streets are unrestricted on Sundays)

(This is a Member Suggested Meetup; you can read our policy about MSM here.) 

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