This week the ACSJ features Prof. Sheldon Helms speaking on Psychological Pseudoscience. Here is his description of the talk:

As doctors battle homeopathy and anti-vaccine myths, anthropologists counter creationist claims, and dietitians deal with the unwarranted battle against gluten and GMOs, much of the skeptical community is oddly silent on dubious claims from fringe psychology. In this talk, psychology professor Sheldon W. Helms will discuss unsupported and sometimes dangerously pseudo-scientific claims from the field of psychology, giving a brief history and explanation of each practice or theory, and demonstrating how a simple application of the scientific method reveals its flaws.

Sheldon W. Helms is an associate professor of psychology at Ohlone College in Fremont, CA. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Bay Area Skeptics, is a member of the SkeptiCal planning committee, and is the founder of the Ohlone Psychology Club Speaker Series through which he regularly hosts top name speakers in science and skepticism.

Come early and have dinner or drinks at the restaurant. We will get started at 7:00 with the presentation, have Q&A and stick around for optional conversations with your fellow atheists. Harry’s closes at 11:00pm, so stay and mingle as long as you want.

No charge for this event, but we will be giving all of your donations tonight to JREF, so please donate to this worthy cause.

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