One Wednesday night per year we pay homage to our early ACSJ beginnings, back when we would meet in the small party rooms at Round Table Pizza. So, tonight we are breaking our usual lecture format and getting together for pizza night!

We have reserved a private party area at Pizza Factory Willow Glen that should hold about 40+ people, but in case we have a large crowd, we can spill out into the restaurant. They also have a full bar, so you can hang out there if you only want to have a beer.

The ACSJ is going to pay for the first round of pizzas, so come early for complimentary pizza! However, everyone is on their own for drinks and any additional food.

Check Pizza Factory Willow Glen website for information on their menu:

We are going to set the RSVP for 55 people to make sure we don’t overload the place, so if you RSVP – please do attend. And if your plans change, please update your RSVP – as we will have the wait-list in effect.

We look forward to seeing you and enjoying a night focused on food, drinks and socializing!

We’ll be awarding two “Humanism at Work” BBN/ACSJ shirts to attendees of the Stanford Blood Center January event and the Coyote Creek flood cleanup event. So if you joined us for those philanthropic events, do join us again for pizza and your chance to win a shirt!

Our private party area is available to us from 6pm to 9pm. We plan to have pizza’s ordered and ready around the 6pm – 6:15pm. Pizza Factory closes around 10pm if you want to hang out a little after.

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