Today most people accept the need to act on climate change, but there isn’t yet public agreement on the scope or details of the solutions. We’ll look at a number of options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including nuclear power—one of the more important solutions, but unfortunately the public gets stuck in controversies. Fortunately, insights from social science can help rescue the public discussion from stalemate. 

Karen Street has an MS in Electrical Engineering from UC, Berkeley. She worked as an electrical engineer for a number of years before becoming a high school math and physics teacher until 1994, when after losing much of her hearing, she left teaching. On her way to becoming a science writer, she researched the differences between coal and nuclear energy and became aware of the serious threats from climate change. Since then she has worked to raise awareness of these threats through teaching, speaking and writing. She works with the public on climate change, sharing the best understanding of scientists and economists. She focuses on the political controversies, because every member of the public objects to one or more of the most important solutions.

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