Are humans (even atheists) rational creatures? 

Why do people vote against their own best interests?

Why do they imagine and worship non-material, non-empirical phantasms? 

How effective and accurate is human higher-order consciousness, the cognitive features that (theoretically) differentiate us from other animals? 

Science has some answers, but the implications are decidedly uncomfortable. When the objective evidence conflicts with beliefs, when your pre-frontal cortex (PFC) disagrees with your amygdala, what do you do? Let’s use our PFCs and amygdalas to discuss and evaluate the science investigating the functions of our PFCs and amygdalas.

Feel free to arrive early and have dinner at the restaurant. The presentation and Q&A should be about an hour (starting at 7pm) then mingle with your fellow atheists after the meeting.

Look for us in the back banquet room

See you there!

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