The ACSJ and Sunday Assembly have joined the Bay Area Blasphemers for Pub Quiz night in the past. The Bay Area Blasphemers Meetup is dissolving; it is only fitting that it dissolve into the Sunday Assembly PubStumpers Smoup. This will be its final meeting as B.A.B. — help it go out with a bang! It’ sure to be a grand old time!

Please RSVP if you’re at all likely to come, so we can be sure to get a large enough table. Wear a Sunday Assembly or other godless-themed T-shirt so we can recognize each other; we’ll try to have a table placard as well.

Add a Message below, weighing in on whether you prefer Fibbar’s or Britannia, and how often you’re interested in PubStumping! (FTR, B.A.B. met every third week, and that worked quite well for a long time.)

Hope to see you there!

(This is a Member Suggested Meetup; you can read our policy about MSMs here.)

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