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While we can’t be certain that time travel is not possible, we can promise to transport you safely two hours into the future!

Time Travel
– How do you know I am not from the future? What kinds of questions would you need to ask?
– If “you” travel though time, what is the “you” that is doing the traveling? Is it the atoms in your body? But your body is always swapping out its atoms, so which atoms: the ones you have today, or the ones you had last year?
– Travel through space means changing position in a period of time. What would travel through time mean? Would you go through all the times in between the point in time you started and ended?
– What known laws of physics would be violated? Would the atoms in your body suddenly disappear, and what would compensate for them?
– As you change direction in time, how do you avoid bumping into yourself? As you move from 2018 to 1918 what type of things might you run into along the way?
– What is the mental illusion that allows us to view time as if it was space? Can it be that we just fail to grasp the the essence of time, so we have to view it like space, and therefor we give it other space-like attributes?
– Do the time paradoxes PROVE that time travel is impossible? What are some of the more interesting time paradoxes?
– What is a causal loop? Are causal loops impossible?
– If only the present moment exists, how could we travel to the past or the future? How can we know that only the present moment exists?


A Time Travel website – exploring the paradoxes of time travel

What are causal loops? Are causal loops impossible?

Physics professor Ken Wharton of San Jose State lecture on time travel

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Multi-dimensional time

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Each month’s meeting is your chance to discuss the really ponderous subjects and reflect on them in the context of our times. We are not interested in telling others what to think, nor will we have speakers giving presentations. Each meeting is to give you an opportunity to think cr

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