“God Bless You” is a phrase we all have heard before. You likely heard it from a stranger recently, or maybe even from a loved one.

Why do you think a stranger would say this to you? Do you think it’s appropriate to say to anyone that may not share a belief in one god?

How do you feel when someone says that to you? How do you typically respond? Should your response be based on perceived motivations?

If someone who knows you’re an atheist says this to you, what do you think the motivations are behind this and how do you react in such a case?

Do you feel you have the duty to respond in any way as an atheist? What kind of response do you think would encourage this person to rethink saying, “God Bless You” in the future? Do you think reacting in any way could help change current negative attitudes towards atheists in society? Or do you feel any reaction at all could spark negative feelings towards atheists causing more harm than good?

Answer such questions this evening and hear how other atheists feel about this common phrase. Please remember to respect each other’s opinions and feelings, and always help to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

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