Why are we working harder but feel less secure? Why are the benefits going to a small percentage of the population? Can we make the economy more compassionate and just? How can we have an economy based upon growth when we live on a finite Earth? It’s time to explore some new approaches — to create an economic system that is sustainable. From public banking to demurrage systems to alternative currencies and locavesting, new ideas are springing up around the country – and the world.

Essential Knowledge for Transition is a eye-opening look at our current economic and monetary system, its effects, and what we can do. Led by Fulbright Scholar Marco Vangelisti—a brilliant communicator and industry insider—this series will give you answers in plain English, get you thinking, and inspire you.

Part 3: Our financial system Why is financial capital divorced from productive activity, and how can we fix it? Learn how communities are transforming investment to be local, democratic, and productive.

All sessions include generous time allocated for Q&A.

A light lunch of Pizza and salad will be served. Facility is wheel-chair accessible.

Child care will be provided.

(This is a Member Suggested Meetup; you can read our policy about MSM here.) 

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