Tonight we are pleased to have Dr. Peter Schattner as our guest at the ACSJ. Dr. Peter Schattner (an award-winning scientist, educator and writer with over 30 years of research experience in molecular biology, genetics, medical instrumentation and physics) will discuss and answer questions about his recent book “Sex, Love and DNA“. The idea of his book is to show how 21st-century molecular biology is beginning to answer age-old questions about the human experience, such as how we make our choices in sex and love, how we communicate, where our emotions come from, and why we age and die. (See <a></a>

His tutorial presentations at scientific conferences as well as his talks to non-scientists have been enthusiastically received by students and the lay public. He is the author of numerous scientific articles and reviews as well as the textbook Genomes, Browsers and Databases. Sex, Love and DNA, his first book for non-scientists, was recently selected one of five Finalists (among 1000 entries) in Shelf Unbound Review’s contest for “Best Independently Published Book of 2014.”

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