Tonight we welcome Dr. Frank Heile joining us who will explore a materialist theory of consciousness that may explain the origins of religion & spirituality. 

Evidence will be presented to show how language allowed the modern human brain to simultaneously contain two different kinds of consciousnesses: the ancient Primary Consciousness (PC) that is shared with animals; and the new Language Consciousness (LC) that is uniquely human. The origin of religion and spirituality was caused by the development of the LC about 50K to 100K years ago when language became a universal representational system. When the LC was coming into existence, it became aware of a much stronger consciousness (the PC) that had a lot of control over the life of the refined consciousness. The advanced LC consciousness mistakenly identified this more powerful agent as a “god” and itself as “man”.

Dr. Heile holds a PhD from Stanford in Physics, and worked in the medical imaging and software industries for 24 years. He is an inventor on 46 patents; he is the sole inventor on 11 of them.

Please join us for this talk and the ensuing discussion. We open the doors at 6:30 so feel free to grab dinner at Harry’s and mingle with your fellow atheists. We will begin the talk at 7:15 and have Q&A around 8:00, finishing up by 8:30.

Hope to see you there!

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