Join us this week as we invite local Christian friends to a spirited debate which is sure to spark discussions throughout the evening. Similar to last year’s debate, we are encouraging local Christians to join us in the discussion – so be kind to our guests, even if you can’t agree.

TICKETS ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS EVENT. Our debate was so popular last year, we had more attendees than chairs, so we will need everyone to buy a ticket here. We are keeping the ticket price very low (under $5.00) in order to pay for the room and operational costs. 

We will hear arguments, citing evidence, for and against the existence of the Christian god, Yahweh.

The affirmative position will discuss concepts from the following topics for a divine creator, and specifically the Christian God:  cosmological, teleological and archeological / historical evidence.

The dissenting position includes seven reasons for concluding that yahweh doesn’t exist: 

(1) Definition of Yahweh is logically inconsistent, and describes a being that cannot exist 

(2) No empirical evidence for Yahweh or any other god 

(3) Moral and internal failings of the Bible, the word of Yahweh 

(4) Natural & man-made terrible events occur 

(5) No reliable evidence for Jesus Christ, Yahweh’s messiah 

(6) No need for Yahweh or any other god to explain the Universe, or how it works 

(7) All the arguments attempting to prove that Yahweh exists fail

Taking the affirmative position in the debate is Will Young.  He is originally from Seattle and grew up in both San Diego, CA and Seattle, WA. He is very interested in religion, economics and the natural sciences.  Will holds a Masters in Architecture with a course concentration in construction technology. He also holds two ICBO licenses (i.e. building inspection and mechanical inspection), and two other building inspection licenses. Will has worked as a construction investigator, inspector and designer for contractors in Minneapolis and Richmond, CA.  He currently works as an engineering technician for a local government agency and, as a side vocation, he purchases, holds and sometimes flips apartment buildings. During his free time he enjoys windsurfing, wakeboarding, sailing, scuba diving and social dancing.

Taking the dissenting position in the debate is ACSJ member Mark W. Thomas, whom has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, and is the President of Atheists of Silicon Valley. He is a former California Assistant State Director of American Atheists, a former Board Member of Godless Americans Political Action Committee, and is a former member of Steering Committee of San Francisco Atheists.

As a reminder, your RSVP on this page is not your ticket to the event – tickets must be purchased here.

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