The 16th annual California Freethought Day celebrates the First Amendment, scientific progress, and secular rights, combining the fun and atmosphere of a fair with the education and activism of a conference.

Join us on Sunday, October 15, 2017, for engaging speakers, live entertainment, an authors’ and podcasters’ panel, door prizes, and more!

Tickets and Registration

Admission is free (and donations are great), but we want you to register</a> to ensure we have adequate chairs and programs.

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The only way to be eligible for $300 in door prizes is to register.

Donate $25 or more for a free “Supporter” keepsake button and you’ll get access to free drinks and snacks during the main event.

Donate $75 or more and join us at the Supporters’ Reception on Saturday, October 14 with most of our speakers and other guests. ($85 at the door.) [Details]

Speakers, Entertainers, Authors, and More

We are thrilled to share with you the many people who will be speaking, entertaining, and participating at our Authors’ and Podcasters’ Panel at this year’s Freethought Day (and the Supporters’ Reception the night before):

Sikivu Hutchinson, African-American Feminist Author 

• David Smalley, Host of the Dogma Debate podcast

Larry Decker, ED of Secular Coalition for America

David Tamayo, President of the Hispanic American Freethinkers

Jessica Xiao, Asian-American Feminist, Writer, Humanist

Roberta Chevrette, Singer/Songwriter

Rep. Athena Salman (AZ), State Representative

• Sen. Juan Mendez (AZ), State Senator

Sen. Dr. Richard Pan (CA), State Senator

Thomas Smith, Host of the Serious Inquiries Only podcast

Candace Gorham, Author

• Elbe Spurling, Author, The Brick Bible

Evan Davis, Author

Rebecca Hensler, Author

David Fitzgerald, Author

• Victor Harris, Poet

Support the Event

California Freethought Day is an entirely non-profit event, supported by our community. Your donation helps us cover insurance, advertising, equipment, speaker travel, and food for our volunteers.

Here are four ways you can help make Freethought Day a continued success:

• Donate: Those that wish to support Freethought Day will be recognized in the program and on the website. And you can show your support with a keepsake button, all for just $25. You’ll get free drinks and snacks during the main event. [Details]

• Fundraising Reception: Attend this special evening event on Saturday, October 14th featuring the comedy of Keith Lowell Jensen, the music of Roberta Chevrette and Marie Bain, a selection of great appetizers and desserts, an open bar, and the company of our speakers starting at $75. Also includes drinks and snacks at Freethought Day. [Details]

• Sponsor: Businesses and organizations looking for exposure can sponsor Freethought Day starting at just $150. Benefits include reception attendance, on-stage announcements, an exhibitor table, program advertisements, reception tickets, and more. [Details]

For questions regarding support and volunteering, please contact David Diskin at [masked].

Freethought Weekend Events

• Secular Leadership Day: Activists and organizers of all kinds can network, share ideas, and learn how to make their groups even more successful. Saturday from 10-4, lunch included! [Details]

More Information

Be sure to check out our Official Website, our Page on Facebook, and our Facebook Event. Follow us on Twitter @FreethoughtDay

CarpoolingCoordinate online! You can add your own car, join another carpool, or add yourself to the waitlist and check back later for rides.

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