A lot of scientists these days are too frightened of not getting their grants funded by congressional theocrats to tell you why religion and science are completely incompatible. Eric Stone, Ph.D., a retired neuroscientist, is no longer one of them. He will discuss the many ways these two worldviews are incompatible or downright contradictory including their logic or lack and the fact that one is about facts and testable hypotheses while the other about only far fetched notions of wish fulfillment. He will also cover how religion rejects essential features of the scientific method and how it is fooling a lot of good scientists today with its so-called “anthropic principle” and a supposedly God-“tuned” universe.

Eric did his undergraduate work at New York University and his graduate work in the Dept. of Psychology at Yale University with Neal Miller where he received his degree in Physiological Psychology (now known as Neuroscience). He conducted basic neuropsycho-pharmacological research on brain stress systems involved in depressive illness for over 40 years at NYU School of Medicine in the Depts of Psychiatry and Pharmacology and has published extensively in peer reviewed journals.

He came out as an atheist about 15 years ago and has been active in the movement ever since.  He helped form Westchester Atheists in New York and took over the reins of the Rossmoor group with his co-leader and wife, Elaine, when they moved to California in 2013.

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