Frida Walström is visiting us from Sweden, which she says is 70% Atheist. She helped out at the 2nd Harvest Food Bank last Wednesday. Here is a chance to learn about how a society works with a majority of atheists. Conversely, Frida is interested in the atheism/religion debate in the US to bring the insights back to her colleagues in Sweden.

Please find us in the back corner of Harry’s. We may not have a table because of the packed set-up for the David Silverman talk.

This Pre-Event takes place during set up for the David Silverman speaker event. No free entry. Tickets sold here:

If you have the chance to assist in set up (e.g. hanging up the banner, setting up chairs or equipment, arranging reading material, etc.) please let Sean, Donnie, Jason or Lyn know. Your help is always appreciated and welcome in making our community great.

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